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Advantages of using ExcaVision

With ExcaVision on board your excavator or dozer you save time, labor, and maintenance costs by monitoring the depth of excavation from the comfort of your cab. Never again stop to measure. This increases productivity and profit.


You will now have the ability to monitor depth, slope of trenches and embankments, horizontal distances, depth,  left to bottom, etc., right on the display in the cab. The system will work for years without loosing its accuracy. It remembers the information about all your machines and attachments.


If you need to rent a machine for a temporary job, you can install your ExcaVision on that machine in a short time. If you rent the same machine again, just install ExcaVision again in a couple of minutes.


For large construction sites or when deepening harbors or waterways, a GPS reference is essential. ExcaVision provides the bucket location for such a system.

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