Customer Testimonials

January 20th, 2015

I have been using a grade control systems from ExcaVision Inc since 2001.  My first one was a OC7WL and after 11 years of use I got the ExcaVision system.  It is much nicer because it´s faster and you can monitor everything inside the cab, but the greatest feature is that I can use it on all my machines.  I upgraded the system to DozerVision and when I am not using it on the excavator my helper Jane uses it on the bulldozer and it only takes minutes to move it over.    This system has saved me a lot of time and money and the guys at ExcaVision Inc always give excellent customer service.

By the way I´m still using my OC7WL from 2001 on one of my track hoes.

Chuck Daiber, Daiber Excavating & Trucking

December 16th, 2014

When I was first looking at systems I had lots of questions and the guys at ExcaVision were great about answering everything. I have now been using the system for about six months and absolutely love it! I can dig by myself and know exactly what depth I am digging at and follow the grade I have set in my laser perfectly. I can move the system from my excavator to backhoe in a matter of minutes and is very easy to use. The ExcaVision should be standard equipment on excavators and backhoes!

Brian Pincik, Pincik Farms

December 10th, 2014

“My operator loves it!”

Paul Albosta, Misteguay Creek Farms.

November 12th, 2014

I just finished my second year of pool installations utilizing the ExcaVision system on my Excavator.  I must say this system saved my company a lot of man hours, time, and expense.  I installed all the sensors available and I’m glad I opted for the bucket tilt sensor.  When we dig our pools, the side slopes are hard to get accurate using an angle meter mounted on a metal bar.  Not a problem with ExcaVision.  I mark our sideline of the pool, tilt the bucket to the exact angle and dig away, eliminating almost all the hand-shaping we used to do.  I find that the slope measurement on the ExcaVision system is much more accurate than our old handheld angle meter.  This eliminates over digs and refills.  We can now get the slope right the first time!

Another nice feature I installed was the Laser system.  With that, I set up my rotating laser near my pool site, set my parameters on the ExcaVision system and “zero on laser”.  Now I can dig solo and no matter where I move the excavator, I can zero on the laser again and in just a few seconds be digging an accurate depth on my pool base

Using four employees and a transit, an average pool excavation would take about 5 hours.  One employee would be reading the transit, one would be holding the tote pole, one would be wielding a pick and shovel for hand shaping, and I would be the excavator operator.  About two weeks ago, using the ExcaVision system, I dug a pool solo in just four hours.  That brought my labor cost down from twenty man-hours to four man-hours.  Big dollar savings!

Thanks again,

Rick Tanguay, President, Tanguay Pools, Inc.


November 5th, 2014.

I am the co owner of an excavating business and have been using my ExcaVision for over a year now and it has spoiled me.  I dread using another machine if it does not have it. When my excavator broke down this summer and was in the shop for 2 weeks, I installed it on the machine we rented. In that same time Cat wanted us to demo a new excavator for a day, I took an hour to install it on the demo machine just for the day.

My knees and back don’t ache all the time from getting in and out and climbing up and down to check grade.  My grading has become more accurate and consistent. I use the slope feature to dig for sewer lines to a perfect 1/8 inch per foot.  When plumbers show up to lay the pipe they love it since it is already dug and all they have to do is put their pipe down.   A couple weeks ago I put 200 feet of sewer pipe in by myself, I would dig about 50 feet and get out and lay pipe and check it with the level and it was always right on. Before the ExcaVision I would have to get out and check each length of pipe for slope.   I just plain love it and will not go with out it again.

The customer service has been excellent.

Excellent product!

Excellent service!

Thank you,

Mike Benson

BottomLine Excavating.

I would like to thank you for all of your help in assisting us with our grade control system.  We have come to depend on it as a part of our daily routine.


Mark Rennegarbe

C&M Farms Inc

“I’ve used depth monitors on my longreach excavators since 1996 with great success. This device should come standard on excavators. The new ExcaVision system from ExcaVision Inc practically eliminates the job of the grade checker. It still delivers higher quality work with or without laser as reference.”

Wayne Morlock, Morlock Construction