•  Drill perfectly vertical holes

•  See where the tip of the drill is at all times

•  Drill holes at any angles

•  Accuracy is better than 0.1 degree.



DrillVision is a monitor for machine-mounted drills. It is an affordable solution that helps you drill perfect holes faster and more accurately.  It is ideal for drilling for fence posts, planting trees or digging footings for new decks.

The DrillVision system consists of a wireless inclinometer on the drill and a 7 inch LCD display in the cab.  Installation and operation is easy with on screen installation and operational guide.

The operator keys in the desired angle (0.0 for vertical) and tolerance. The display  show the actual angle of the drill to within 0.1 degree and gives an audible warning and blinking alarm on the screen if the tolerance is exceeded. By adding a boom and stick sensors on the excavator, you can monitor the depth of the drill.

Bottom line:  DrillVision will show you the depth, front/back and left/right angle of the drill which will allow you to dig more accurate and faster.  The system is easy to install and operate.  Upgrade your system at any point to ExcaVision and DozerVision and you can use it on all your earthmoving equipment.

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