•  Increased productivity

•  User-friendly system

•  Wireless – Setup takes minutes

•  Affordable and effective

• One system for all your equipment



dv installation 1

DozerVision Laser Guidance System is an affordable and effective solution for bulldozers, skids steers, and other grading attachments.  This user-friendly system increases utilization and productivity of your equipment.

The DozerVision system consists of 1 wireless inclinometer, Ocalaser laser receiver, a receiver box, and a 7-inch LCD touch screen.   The laser receiver is mounted on a mast that attached  to a grading blade.  The wireless inclinometer is attached onto the blade to give the lateral angle.   A receiver box and a 7-inch LCD touch screen are installed in the cab.  The display shows the height and lateral angle of the blade and you can choose the tolerance, the deviation from exact grade considered to be within specification of the job.  An audible alarm will sound when the blade is outside those specifications.

Bottom line:  DozerVision laser guidance system is an effective method to maintain grade on any size bulldozers and grading attachments blade elevation and lateral slope.  Easy to operate and quickly moved from one machine to another depending on your needs.  Perfect grade for the fraction of the cost and time.

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