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Customer Information

Important Information:

• Software Update

   – ExcaVision Models

   – Spectra DDS300

Trade ins

Maintenance and Repair

 Download Product Manuals

    – ExcaVision Manual

    – DozerVision Manual

    – DrillVision Manual

     ExcaVision Installation Guide

Software Upgrade & DozerVision

Current ExcaVision owners can upgrade their software and add DozerVision. There are many benefits to upgrading your software but improvements can vary, depending on your current model.  From older software, the key improvement is speed. Many other features have been added that will be beneficial and improve the reliability of your system.

Key Features:

• Increased speed

• Automatic data backup. Never lose your settings

• Monitor sensor battery and signal strength

• Dig with only two sensors if one breaks down

Spectra DDS300

The Spectra DDS300, which has been discontinued by Trimble, was manufactured under our license.  We can service and upgrade your DDS300 system.

Trade Ins

Consider upgrading your older Ocala systems (OC107 or ExcaVision 1 and 2) and get the fastest and the most versatile system on the market.  We offer a trade-in value for your old system towards the purchase of a new ExcaVision System.  Call us for more information.

Maintenance and Repair

All maintenance and repairs should be sent to:

5802 Hoffner Avenue, Suite 701
Orlando, FL 32822

Please include company information for return shipping.