About Us

Who we are

For over 20 years, the ExcaVision team has specialized in grade control for excavators, bulldozers and other earth-moving equipment/attachments.  Responding to the growing demand for easy to install, easy to operate, and reliable systems, we have gone from a simple garage operation to distribution around the world.  Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, the company’s founder and key employees are involved in the development of new products as well as manufacturing.

Our goal

Since the beginning, our goal has always been to offer our customers the most effective and reliable solutions that fit their needs.  Our motto,“Once a customer, always a friend,” is what drives us to produce the best products and offer the best customer service.

Why choose us

We were the first company in the US to patent this technology.  Since then we have been developing new products and improving our current products.   Today we still service the original OC107 systems that came out in 1992, a positive proof of the reliability of our products and our commitment to service.

Side Effect of ExcaVision

True Story: Customer calls Kris after using ExcaVision for 6 months or so and is very happy with the product.  He has no complaints but his wife did.  She said he was gaining weight because now he was able to dig all day with out leaving the cabin of his excavator!